Image of mini excavator for hire
Compact excavation Service Operator & Machine Price starting at $80/hr Licensed and Insured WSIB.
4 hour minimum + $150.00 float charge 4 hour minimum + $150.00 float charge
image of cracked wall before water proofing
Small cracks in a foundation can be a major problem if they leak groundwater into your basement or crawl space.
image of creacked wall after repair
Northern National have the expertise and techniques which are designed specifically, to help homeowners stop leaks in their foundation walls and concrete floors.
image before brick work is done on house
At Northern National we specialize in chimney building and repairs, new brick and concrete block foundations..
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image after work is done on house
Our certified bricklayers and masons will make sure that your project is done right. In new masonry construction our services include: brick laying, concrete block, foundations, and stonework.
picture of a damp basement wall before repair
One of the more perplexing issues that homeowners face when it comes to basement water problems is how to stop water from rising up through their basement floor.
image of completed repair on damp basement wall
Fortunately, basement floor cracks can be easily and effectively repaired as part of a proper perimeter drainage system.
image of foundation wall  beginning
Block walls require stable footings to prevent shifting. Standard minimum footings are at least twice the width of the block wall.
Finished foundation wall
Weight loads vary from structure to structure, so a structural engineer will examine wall and footing plans before construction starts.